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At Healthonym, our mission is to provide scientifically accurate information about natural healthcare. To that end, we focus on the medical research findings that are backed by multiple studies, instead of the potentially misleading results of any single study. This ensures we focus on the signal, not the noise.

In our handbooks, a treatment's effect on the body is always backed by multiple studies and the very best kinds of scientific evidence.

This includes the following:

  1. Clinical trials: which test the way a treatment affects a person's health.
  2. Meta-analyses: sometimes, a study says one thing but another study says the exact opposite. That's why we use meta-analyses. Meta-analyses "average out" the often conflicting results of many different studies. This provides us with a single number, a "best estimate", of the way a treatment might affect a person's health.
  3. Systematic reviews: not all scientific studies are created equal. Some arm us with much better data than others. Systematic reviews can tell us about the quality ("trustworthiness") of a study's results or a meta-analysis' best estimate.
  4. Observational studies: which can reveal the things that harm us or might prevent disease.

When it comes to finding evidence for a substance's effects on a person's health, we ignore animal and test tube studies completely. This is because the results of these studies alone rarely have any practical, safe, and effective applications to people.
We've done everything in order to ensure our content cannot be bought, changed, or influenced by outside companies in any way. As a result, Healthonym is 100% free of advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate links, and product placements.

Furthermore: we don’t sell, review, quality test, nor endorse any supplements nor outside products or services. And we don't have any professional conflicts of interest with respect to our content.

Millions of articles and studies are published every year.

We identify the most important research on a continuous basis and update our handbooks as necessary with the latest evidence-based information.

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91% of health information websites collect, share, or make a profit off of your sensitive browsing data without giving you much of a choice. This might lead to discrimination and financial consequences for you as a result.

At Healthonym, we firmly believe that your privacy and personal info must be respected, instead of being exploited.

This is why we don’t collect any personal info about you unless you voluntarily and explicitly decide to share it with us. Moreover, we will never sell your information for any reason, nor share any of your data (personal or otherwise) for any marketing purposes.

Consider Healthonym a safe space. This is where you can find reliable and trustworthy health-related information, privately.


Natural healthcare is “the practice of seeking to protect or improve an organism’s mental and/or physical state using nonsurgical, evidence-based, interventions that do not rely on active ingredients invented by people.”

This definition of natural healthcare encompasses minimally invasive techniques, such as injections. It also includes the use of synthetic equivalents of substances that are produced in nature, like those found in vaccines, multivitamins, extracts, and a few prescription medications.

Moreover, our definition of natural healthcare includes all non-pharmaceutical, lifestyle, interventions as well; such as exercise and meditation.

Healthonym’s definition of natural healthcare is not meant to imply that non-natural medical and surgical techniques have no place in medicine. They absolutely do. It is just a way for us to clarify our view of natural healthcare, a term that is often poorly defined.