Our mission is to empower you with the truth about natural treatments.

We use only the very best scientific evidence to create and update our content. That means we never use test tube studies nor studies conducted on a different species of animal to write our articles. Such studies are unreliable.

Instead, we focus mainly on the results of systematic reviews and/or meta-analyses (SR/MAs); and the studies thereof.

If you’re not sure what SR/MAs are, then imagine a basketball team. You probably wouldn’t judge a team based on the results of one game. They might’ve won or lost the game by accident. So you’d judge the team after combining its stats and qualities across an entire season.

Well, SR/MAs combine the stats and qualities of many studies in order to judge the effect of a treatment.

One study might say that a natural treatment cures high blood pressure. But when researchers combine the numbers across similar studies, they might find that it does nothing of the sort.

This is precisely why all of our information is backed by multiple independent studies across many years of research.

Moreover, we tell you about the quality of the research behind each article.

Sometimes, there’s a lot of research on a topic (many studies). If they’re all high quality studies, we can be confident in their results. If the only available studies are low quality, we can’t trust their results nearly as much. We feel you should know either way.

For more info on the quantity vs. quality of research, click here.

Healthonym’s articles don’t contain ads, sponsored content, nor product placements.  We don’t have any personal nor professional conflicts of interest. Moreover, we don’t insert our personal opinions nor personal advice.

Millions of articles and studies are published every year. We identify the most important research on a continuous basis and update our articles as necessary with the latest evidence-based information.

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Before joining Healthonym, Jodi worked as a clinical research specialist at a large, non-profit, teaching and research hospital.

She managed complex—global—clinical trials searching for the newest, most effective, and safest treatments for people with heart, kidney, and lung disease.

Jodi was the one who ensured that the research teams followed all of the proper ethical guidelines and medical protocols during each study.

She double-majored in chemistry and biochemistry prior to furthering her post-graduate education in clinical trials.

Prior to Healthonym, Artem worked as a medical device analyst and medical writer; creating educational material for everyone from biomed students to physicians.

His in-depth insights into medical research were used as evidence by law firms filing a class action lawsuit in the healthcare field.

Artem’s detailed reports on clinical trials and the regulatory (FDA) landscape were also read by clinical researchers, C-level biotech executives, and senior portfolio managers.

Artem graduated in the top 10% of his medical class and was inducted into the Scientific Research Honor Society and Honors Society of Veterinary Medicine during his third year of medical school.

During his studies, he was awarded the Dean’s Gold Key and multiple other honors for achievements in research and academia. In addition to his DVM, Artem holds a BSc in biology.