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The Handbook on Natural Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Diets

Entire diets that researchers say may naturally help people lose weight.

Weight Loss Foods

Whole foods, and beverages, that multiple studies say might help a person lose weight.

Weight Loss Supplements

Science-backed supplements, like extracts and multivitamins, which can help people lose weight.

Exercises for Weight Loss

Cardio, strength training, and other exercises known to help people lose weight.

Prevention of Weight Gain

The factors that researchers say may help prevent weight gain. Or the ones that can lead to weight gain and may need to be avoided.

Alternative & Traditional Methods

Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and similar traditional, complementary, and holistic methods.

No Effect

Some things probably waste our time and money. Discover what researchers say doesn’t help people lose weight.

Inconclusive Effects

Explore the factors that, for now, don’t have enough evidence to prove or disprove their efficacy with respect to weight loss.


A complete list of works used or considered during the creation of, and updates to, this entire handbook.